Top 10 Bass Fishing Mistakes

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Top 10 Bass Fishing Mistakes

I thought I would take a minute and talk about some of the mistakes that novice fisherman make. We all start out on the same level for the most part, Jonathan Van Dam, might be an exception to that rule, but for the most part we all suck. So to make that sucking go away a little faster I've put together a Top 10 list of what I've learned the hard way.

  1. Glasses. The polarized lens in standard prescription sunglasses are junk, as well as most other polarized glasses found at Walmart type stores are junk too. Get a good pair of Oakley's! I bought my first pair a few years back after realizing I could get them in my prescription and would never go back. They allow me to see into the water like no other pair of sunglasses I have ever worn, and the fit around the eyes blocks out extra light which really helps in seeing that "Stalker".
  2. Speed. Managing the speed at which we fish. This is a personal one that we have to make a judgement call on. Sometimes it's too fast when the fish are lethargic and other times it's too slow when the fish are up and active. If your not getting bit take a minute to think about the seasonal conditions and whether or not you need to adjust.
  3. Wait. Waiting for the bait to reach the bottom before beginning to reel it back in. This is a good time to watch your line, you will actually see when the bait touches the bottom and the line will start to show some slack when it happens.
  4. Mentor. Find a mentor to help with all things fishing and boating. Learning things by yourself is admiral but can be an extremely frustrating journey. Start of right by joining a club and fishing from the back of the boat, it really excels the learning curve in a big way.
  5. Spots. Fishing the conditions and not memories is a big hang up for a lot of anglers. The prevailing conditions trump all.
  6. Colors. Getting wrapped up in thinking that ever color ever made needs to be in the tackle box. Keep it simple, focus more on variety of depth and bill then every color in one specific brand or model.
  7. Rods and Reels. Spend enough money that you get a good quality product. Stay away from store brands and the cheaper combo's you find at stores like Bass Pro or Dicks put together. Instead of 5 junk combos spend the coin and get 1 good one. Shimano is a good reel and any rod from BTD is gonna be a good one.
  8. Clothing. Base layering in the winter and performance heat gear in the summer. Take a page from the fly fishing guys and learn about base layering for extreme cold temps, Under Armour and fleece are great additions to any closet. Stay away from cotton in the winter and summer! The heat gear by Under Armour or whatever company really seems to help keep you cool allowing air to circulate around you.
  9. 100mph. The 100mph gear at BassPro or similar at Cabelas is a must if you are going to fish all day in the rain and cold. Frog Toggs are ok for light summer rains but once your wet when it is cold outside it makes for a miserable day.
  10. Magic Bullet. Forget it! There is no magic bait that catches fish everywhere all the time, also there isn't a golden book of knowledge filled with everything bass. Time on the water is king!
    Well there is my list, I am looking forward to reading the comments about your experiences and what I left out!


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