3 Tips for plastics in the Wind.

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3 Tips for Fishing Texas Rigged plastics in the Wind.

  1. Always try to fish into the wind.  
 Fishing into the wind does a lot of things for the angler, but I think the most important is the minimization of the bow in the fishing line created by the wind.  Fishing with the wind can create as much bow in the line as fishing perpendicular to the wind, only problem is that it is far less noticeable to the angler and much harder to detect. It may be overcome with going with a heavier weighted bait, but this has its own inherent problems.  
    2. Keep the line in the water.
Keep the extra line in the water.  Sounds easy enough and it is.  The more line that is laying in or on top of the water keeps the wind from grabbing it and putting a larger amount of slack between you and your bait.  When fishing a spinning reel I try to keep the rod tip pointed down and as close to the water as I can stand it.  This still allows for me to watch the line for visible signs of a bite as well as feel more bottom structures.
     3.Google Maps
Google maps and weather.com can be invaluable tools for fishing in the wind.  If you know the predicted wind direction and speed then you can use that info with google maps to locate the areas you are most interested in fishing.  Most days I look for windy points and secondary points that follow the seasonal stage of the fish, then  with google maps I can determine the best points prior to ever launching the boat.  This also works well for the occasions that the wind is just to much to deal with and need a place to hide, also a lake map can do the same thing for ya.