A Secrete Smile

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Week in Review:

Spent a week in the lovely state of Missouri on one of my favorites, Table Rock Lake. This lake has been a gentle giant and full of bounty for me and my kin on our yearly family reunion.  This year was no different. 

Live worms a hidden secrete?

Within minutes of launching my boat at the Shell Knob Bridge I had begun the onslaught.  Only took 30 minutes and I had 20 fish in my boat using a live worm drop-shotted around the pylons.  I tried to get it down to 25 foot but usually only made it 12ft or so before I had a 14-18″ spotted bass well hooked.  The split shot/drop shot Gamakatsu is the hook I prefer and did a great job of hooking the bass. Want a kid with a smile, grab a few dozen live wigglers at the JugNPlug on the way over, be prepared for a workout taking off the fish the hook and how fast two dozen worms disappear.

Twins anyone? 

I continued to catch fish through-out the week on a variety of lures and techniques.  Got a lot of practice with an A-rig and spent quality time with a swim-bait in my hands. Top water baits got a work out too. 
Check out this pic of a double fish hook up on a Rebel Pop-R.

Pop-R catches two bass at once.

Match the hatch

These fish were fat!  
They were stuffed to the gills with shad about the same size as my Spro lip-less rattle bait and the new Live Target lip-less baits,  producing quality and quantity on actively schooling fish.  Crank baits and drop shot were responsible for the remainder of the fish brought  to the boat.

The moral of the story.

I met a young man this trip that had been unable to catch a bass off the dock.  I saw him 3 times that week, each time he would ask how I did and flash a thumbs up back to me. I asked each time if he himself had managed to catch a bass, each time I received a solemn ‘no, not yet’. So I gave him small tidbits of advice and I made some suggestions.
  The last time I saw this kid I knew I had to change his path with these green monsters.  
I grabbed a pack of secrete special drop shot worms, couple drop shot hooks and weights along with brief instruction and handed it to him as I launched that early morning. 
 I knew that would catch him a fish… just knew it.

Never saw that kid again, however I did see his uncle later that night.  He told me that the boy had caught the biggest bass the two had ever seen! Right there on the dock where I handed him those worms.

Talk about making a guys day!
Give back a little to the sport you love, you’d be surprised at the returns it will bring.