Boat Towing Gas Savers!

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It’s important to keep the rig rolling down the road.  Small things I do that can help keep a couple dollars in my pocket.

You hear it all the time…Tire pressure.   But make Sure and Check the SPARE on both the tow and boat!!  I run my tires close to Max. rated pressure.  Gains me a few $$ at the pump…but can cause them to wear out faster!  So Don’t over do it!

Don’t fill the boat until you get to where you are going!!  You don’t want to haul all that weight in fuel if it’s a long drive.  Wait until you get close to the final destination (preferably not marina! ) to fill the tank !

Don’t tow your boat with the cover on.  Virtually all boat covers create more drag than anything.  Keep it in the back of the truck and put it on when you get to the hotel, might just save you a few $$$.