Buddy Tournament Fishing is it for You?

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The past few years I’ve been fishing buddy tournaments. I went into fishing these buddy tournaments with apprehension. Would they be good ‘ole boys with a case of Bud in one hand and Zebco in the other or would they be guys as competitive as me? Let me tell you, I was happy to find out these guys are ultra-competitive. They’ll put a whoopin’ on you in a heartbeat and not think twice about it. I love it!577739_516715738348074_1144927242_n

Money is tight and tournament fishing alone is just a very expensive proposition that my wallet just can’t hang with right now. So if you want to tournament fish and have looked at the buddy circuits with a crossed eye, let me tell ya it isn’t the minor leagues like some people may think.  There are plenty of guys that can fish and take it seriously with plenty of knowledge to share.  Most importantly there are two heads in that boat to figure those fish out, two good anglers working together on one common goal.  Also there are two wallets to help with the financial  load, and a lot of times a choice of boats and trucks to pull them with.  All in all it’s something that is worth a look if you have a fishing friend.

This year we missed a tourney but have been able to stay in the hunt.  Currently sitting in 12th in AOY race and our string of top 10 finishes has given us a shot at staying in the top twenty for the championship in October.  Our next tournament is a dirty water shallow Kansas lake with a lot of extra boat traffic that will be in a fall transition period.  We found the shad in practice on the way up the creek and guessing that will have made it to the back by the time we get there in mid Sept.

But I can tell you now that if we don’t figure them out and figure them out quickly someone in one of the other boats will, and then their partner will too!  There are a few patches on a few jerseys in the field but for the most part it’s a great group of guys sharing the competitive juices of bass fishing.  So the next time you see a flyer for a team tournament pick it up and give it a thought, might just be for you too.

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