Don’t Fish In the Trees : The Fishing Wire

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Don’t Fish In the Trees : The Fishing Wire

 “No matter where you’re fishing, and as inviting as acres and acres of trees in the water may look, don’t use your time trying to retrieve your lures by as many of those trees as possible,” emphasizes Faircloth. “Very seldom will you catch many bass that way, unless you just happen to stumble into them.

“Instead, concentrate on the bottom structure, such as channels, points, or high spots, and use the timber to tell you clues about that bottom structure.”

Leaning timber, for instance, frequently outlines the edge of a channel; a clump of trees taller than the surrounding timber may indicate a ridge or high spot; and a well-defined open route through the timber could mean a roadbed.

“Bass will use these features regularly,” continues the Yamaha pro. “They’ll migrate down a roadway or gather on a high spot to feed, and you fish them just like you would if the trees were not even there.

“Bass will follow the edges of a treeline, too, the same way they follow the edges of a grassline, so these are also good places to fish, but again, you’re not fishing the individual trees along that edge. Many times, the bottom contour or the composition changes along that edge, so while I’m fishing I’m also studying my depthfinder carefully. I’ve located schools of bass concentrated right at the point of a treeline, just like I’ve found them on a regular point in a lake, but they’re not concentrated there because of the trees.”  Todd Faircloth 

Clinton is Filled with trees, I will try to keep these points in the forefront of my mind Saturday. Personally I Hate Tree’s …..