Early Fall Bass Fishing – A Plan

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This weekend’s tournament is about 20 miles north of Topeka, Kansas, on  Perry Lake.  This will only be the second time I’ve laid eyes on Perry.  The first was last weekend when I spent about four hours on the water.  The lake is 4 feet over normal pool due to flooding downstream.  This has been the case for awhile now and there aren’t any plans to release water anytime soon.  Rumor has it the lake turned over already a few weeks ago and I sure hope that is more fact than fiction.  If the turnover has already occurred, the fish may be back into a normal or typical fall pattern that I can pick up on quickly.
The main river filling the lake enters in the upper end where there is a large amount of clay on the banks.  The past few nights the area has had showers and the forecast is for that to continue through Saturday.  That can only mean dirty water and I’ll admit that is not something I want to deal with – I usually try to avoid it if I can.  I plan to concentrate my attention on rocks and docks in a few areas out of the main dirt flow.
Here is a list of my pre-game lure choices.  No order of importance or rank on this list.  I am also thinking about a wake bait that has been producing here and there….
It’s a seat-of-the-pants feel for me on game day, but having a proven arsenal in mind can only do a person good.
  1. 3/4 oz Foot ball jig with a variety of trailer choices but most likely a Sweet Beaver or Brush Hog.
  2. Texas rigged worms, both/either/all  7″-11″ in dark colors.
  3. Fat Free Shads.
  4. Drop Shot – I really like a Trick Worm for fall.
  5. Jerk Baits  – Early fall – I like the original Rapala Floating minnow and save the suspenders for a little later in the fall.
  6. Buzz Bait early in the morning and let them tell me if it’s an all day gig.
  7. Spro Auka Shad – Strike King  Red Eye Shad
  8. Spro topwater frog or Manns Rat
  9. Fluke
  10. Zara Spooks – LC Sammy 
Full Fat Donkeys fill you wells