End of a Marathon

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Have you ever had one of those days where things went wrong.   Sure we all have had one of those days.
Well today was Tourney day.
After a long day of work Friday we ended up in Lawrence around 9pm, just in time to find out it was KU’s Graduation Wk’end.  The scramble was on to find a hotel room!   First stop was a no-go, and we quickly came to the realization that we might be spending the night in the truck at the ramp.  As luck would have it the very first hotel  we called had an available room.  We promptly made it to our room after check in and settled in ready for the derby wake up at 04:30.
Jump ahead to the boat being backed down the ramp.
All systems have been checked and prepped from the last trip, had spent hours fixing brakes, trolling motors, doing map study, prepping rods and baits.  Hours spent making sure everything was gonna work as described.  
None of that matters if you don’t have the boat key.
See this is when a series of uncontrollable events happen.  
Turns out the jacket  I was using to lay on the highway and change that blown-out  GoodYear Marathon…...had the boat keys in the pocket.   That pocket just happened to be 3hrs away in my truck,  sitting in driveway, since we used Greg’s truck to pull the boat to the derby.
Just goes to show it’s a little thing that can make or break a day.
Couldn’t end the day like that,  just to bitter to swallow without a chaser.
So….. to the local hole and found some fish on topwater today,  bagged this girl with a Rebel Pop-R
Never Give Up!

  1. stoniewan

    Dude that sounds like one of my fishing excursions. I always feel bad about going with other guys cause so many things seem to go wrong for me, broken line, lose fish at last second, etc, and I get pretty frustrated. Maybe I do just need to be more patient.

    Nice catch BTW. A beaut!