3 Fall Fishing Tips

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Fall Fishing 

Fall can be a finicky time for the fish.  The constant changes of the water temps and weather changes tells them it’s time to fatten up for fall.  The dropping temps that signal time to feed also can make them lethargic too at times.  Fall is also the time that the fish tend to be concentrated, with bait as the key factor to where that concentration is.  The schools of both bait fish and prey seem to just overwhelm an area one day and be non-existent the next.  As an angler to be successful in the fall, I use these three steps below as a base plan to find my prey.  Read on and leave comments on what your plan is below. 


Fall is the time for the migration of the shad to the creeks.  Now where in those creeks they are hiding is what you have to figure out.  With the side scanning abilities of the latest fish finders a quick cruise up or down a promising creek could be all that is needed to find a large quantity of predators and prey.  That sounds so easy!  I wish I had one of those!!  But as of today I don’t.  So this is how I find both variables to the equation.
  1. Study your map(s).  What I am looking for this time of year is deep water in the mouth to at least half way to the back where it could shallow up.  Docks or other cover close by is always a plus but isn’t always a must have. 
  2. Chase the river channel.  I always look for creeks that have the main river channel close to the mouth a confluence of both the creek and river channel is a bonus.
  3.  Throw your swimbaits. Late summer to fall is a great time to find some big ol’ bass!  Grab your Alabama Rig laced with boot tail flukes or your favorite swimbait and Hang On!
Tight Lines

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  1. Melanie Daryl

    Time your fishing right, since the time of the day and the weather can drastically affect your fishing results. Be aware also of the light and temperature around the area you would want to fish in, since these are critical factors that can affect fish behavior.

    Melanie Daryl

  2. ksbigbass

    Thanks for the thoughts Melanie! You have brought up some very good points!

    Often times in late fall to winter I will wait until mid-morning to begin my hunts. This allows a little more time for the fish to become active after chilly night time air temps.