Glad I Love Fishing

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    Boats: The Love-Hate
There’s the ol’ girl, reminiscing about when all systems are
a go.

My 1999 Triton TR-20.
The Optimax on the back of my Triton
decided that she wanted to go see the doctor; that was 3 ½ weeks ago.  Since that time I have had many calls to the doctor’s
office and even managed to get one conjugal visit….lol.

The Story

Earlier this year we decided to
take a run down to Table Rock Lake to sneak in some early season fishing.   In
search of fat spotted bass that was gonna break that lake record.    The water
was beautiful as always.  The winter or
early, early spring is a great time to head to the Rock.  Calm, clear water, with little traffic or competition
for those fat spotted bass.  Last year
about the same time we had freezing conditions. 
It was cold! So cold in fact, that
I was dunking my rod in the lake to thaw the frozen line guides! Flash forward
to this year and the warm air temps that we have been experiencing lately. That
created warm water that was about 10 degrees warmer than at the same time last
year.  For a minute we thought that it
was gonna be a bonanza. 
Soon we learned things would

I Hate Idiot Lights.

Table Rock Lake is a very large
body of water.  A breakdown at the wrong
place and time on that lake can become a nightmare and very expensive.  Luckily for us we had not strayed too far
from home when the warning buzzer went off. 
On plain when the buzzer and Mercury Smart Craft gauge went crazy and my
heart sank. 

“Oh F@ck” I said “Dude that’s
probably not good…” 
Famous last words right?
Well we managed to limp it back to the trailer with the lights and buzzers, blinking and sounding
intermittently.  I didn’t think this was
gonna be such a big ass deal.  I knew it
had been a while since she had been tuned up, and hoped it was a sensor.

The Check engine lights Suck!!  I know they are a necessary evil, but I still
hate them!
Searches on the internet about the warning light only
confused me.  Well it could be this or it
could be that but “without hooking it up to a computer…”  yea, yea, yea, I know, I know. Long gone are
the days I could work on my motors, with all the computer stuff and special
tools needed that stuff is done.  Guess I
will get another chopper one day to fill that need. When I work on my own stuff I can control some of the variables
of the job.  I took my beloved Triton to
the Premier Mercury Marine dealer because I wanted excellent service. 

The Phone Call

Ring, ring, ring,  “hello,
yes I am sitting down…” 


How in the HELL did an warning light and a $400 low fuel
pressure pump problem turn into a blown up lower unit????
Apparently during one of the many lake tests to figure out
the intermittent warning buzzer the lower unit went bang.  After the boat made it back to the marina and
checks by the technicians we ran, the phone calls began.

Now the big wait begins. 
Phone calls to the insurance guys to set the wheels in motion to get it
fixed and fixed right I hope.  Foremost
has been stand up in the past;  I hope they
are again.   First tournament this year is in less than a
month out…

Can’t think of a better place for that to happen.  As bad as it sucks, I wasn’t in the middle of a tournament and 40miles down lake, and it’s already being fixed.  We all know the frustrations of just getting in line at a good shop in the spring…

Glad I love to fish.