Have you heard of Ned?

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More importantly have you heard of his rig?

Ned's Rig is a powerful tool for all kinds of fish and extremely different conditions.  Here he speaks of bass fishing with the rig using Zman products and a great how-to from the guy that invented it.  I've heard of this bait being used on fly rods for trout in northern waters to show its versatility and ability to catch fish!  Watch the video to learn how to fish this bait in all kinds of conditions whether from the front or back of the boat.  Using this rig you will feel like a fish catching machine! This thing catches everything that swims, so you might be in for the fight of a lifetime. 


From Ned Kedhe author and contributor to In-fisherman magazine  "There are 3 sizes of jig that we like to use for the Ned rig,” Kehde said. “At the lightest, we will throw a 1/32-ounce jig. The majority of the time, we use a 1/16-ounce jig which will cover most situations. Last, we fish a 3/32-ounce jig when it is either very windy or if we are trying to get our baits deeper.