Sonar Units Truly are Becoming Fish Finders!

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I thought a Lowrance HDS sonar video set would be appropriate for the blog this week.  Headed to

 Stockton Lake, Mo for this years championship.
View Larger Map  This is a 2 day event on a lake I have never been to before but know it’s been off limits for the past 30 days so no one else should have been either.  A lake this size and only 20 boats that made the championship, and the bumper boat session of last months small pond fiasco isn’t gonna happen!

So enough with the jibber jabber.

Stockton is a large and deep clear water lake in Missouri.  Its known to skin divers for the clear waters and to the fishermen for big sacks of fish.  All three main black bass species exist in this lake with a slight advantage to the spotted bass from what I’ve read so far.  There are lots of tournaments that 20+ takes the win and all largemouth bass and then there are reports of huge smallies dominating the weigh in tanks too.  Joebass  is a great place for us mid-west guys to check up on some good tournament reports.

Here’s another Video

The fish finders on the market today are freaking awesome!  Whether your a Lowrance or Humminbird brand loyal you have plenty of choices available.  I am comfortable with Lowrance but both are fine products and  would be pleased with either one I would guess.

I have yet to pull the trigger on the side and down scan equipment, but watching this video above it only proves to me that the “bugs” are out in the base technology.  I have the standard HDS5 and feel like that is just too small of a screen to do any good and only make me mad.  I think that the HDS 8 is the smallest I would go with and most likely opt for the 10″ model.

Stockton Lake is one of those where the competition with the newer and better technology is gonna have a significant advantage.  The ability to quickly scan for the transitioning fish from the main lake deep ledges that they hung out on all summer to the back of the coves.  The fish will be more grouped in packs and hunting schools of baitfish,and baitfish hunting warm plankton filled waters. So both will be on the move, some days a little some days a lot.  The side imaging would definitely speed up the process of hunting down good coves vs unproductive ones.  Just one quick run down the center and see both sides and determine if its filled with fishes or a waste of the oh so precious tournament time…..   I wonder how much I can fit on this credit card…hhhmmm.

All I need are Five Good Bites  BaBy!