Love a Jerk

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Late fall is upon us like a big wet blanket.  Snows are starting to fall and cool rains are trying to fill those lakes and ponds that all most gave their lives this year.  We have been in a bad drought for a while and most of the lakes in KS have really taken it hard, so every little bit of rain is a graciously appreciated.

Custom Painted Lucky Craft Pointer Jerk Bait

As those cold fall rains make it to the lakes, I think about the cooling waters and the fall jerkbait fishing that I find so fun.  There are two times of year that I look forward too for the jerk baits, spring and fall.

Early spring jerkbaiting starts at 42 degrees for me and I will throw it until ice up in the fall.  Although I fish a jerk in the fall I unusually wait until the water is around 55 degrees and on a steady cooling trend.  Spring I watch that temp gauge like a hawk and just as soon as I see 42 degrees, a big fat smile hits my mug  😉

Hand Painted LC Pointer & 42degree water

Jerk baits to me are better used as twitch baits.  Don’t get me wrong there are days that the fish want that bait ripped and ripped hard, that was proven not to long ago when Pro Bryan Thrift was ripping the paint off the baits to get the big girls to play in the Beaver Lake FLW back in March,

“I took it down the lake the third day to where I’d been catching them,” Thrift said. “I was in 4 feet of water jerking the jerkbait just as hard as I could jerk it and they were knocking the paint off of it. It was ridiculous.”      full story

I have high hopes to make it back to Table Rock for one last fling before the end of the year.  Filled with big ass spotted bass that are eager to slam that pointer when twitched by the tops of those trees.  Can’t Wait!

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