The Meat…

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Today :

I fished for 2 hrs today in the afternoon.  The weather was the normal 25-40mph South winds and a warm 76 degrees.  The low last night was only in the 50’s so the water didn’t cool much from the day before.  I have been fishing from shore the last few outings and can only guestimate the water temperature at 65 degrees.  This is based on observations of the fish and there actions.  I have found buck bass on the beds this trip and many more roaming the shoreline.  The Big fish have spawned out I fear and I missed it @#$@!!!   A few days ago at this same pond I had found Lots of bucks stuck on beds with a few Post spawn females roaming.  Today all but the smallest bucks where off the nests and the bigger bucks where guarding fry….  The high winds kept me in the protected areas to be able to look at them so maybe out in the winds…ya right lol.

I did manage to catch a few of the cruisers but Sowbelly has eluded me once again.  Here’s a rundown of the baits and methods employed over that last few days of shore fishing in this sand pit.

Jewell/Eakins Jigs fished in 5ft of water close to shore.  I was swimming this jig as much as hopping it.  I kept switching up trailers until I decided that the Zoom Baby Brush Hog was the one that they wanted to eat. I also offered them a Yum Crawbug and a Reactions Innovations Sweet Beaver 3.5 which they would eat, but the extra action of the appendages of the brush hog, was the ticket.  Clear water in this lake is the norm but the wind and little rain we have had has put a stain in it.  So I switched up from my normal Missouri craw to the watermelon red for a little extra visibility.

Zoom Trick Worm ….Pick a color.  Fish it Weightless!  Don’t whine about wind and Wait !  Fish it shallow or deep… if ya can stand it…lol.    This is one bait Always tied on in the spring and has accounted for Numerous Big fish in my resume !!    Several where “tricked” on this one past few days.

Swimbaits both hard and soft ….Couldn’t get a sniff.