RE : Clinton Lake

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I will be visiting Clinton Lake after all,  taking off early in the morning tomorrow to go get in some much need practice time.  I have made the promise to my partner to keep my foot on the trolling motor and keep the boat moving.   Only spending enough time to get a good look with the Lowrance and then moving on to the next spot.

Although, there are more small mouth in this lake than I previously thought,  I can only believe that the 18″ slot on the Largemouth could play a huge part in the game.  A lot of guys in this derby could be out chasing the 18.+” large mouth that are rumored to be  few and far between, while the guys with a limit of small mouth and a smaller slot of 15″ but five of them. Or maybe things are primed for a Big sack of females to be plucked off there beds.  I guess only time will tell.

If I can come close to answering just one of those questions tomorrow I will feel like I have made an accomplishment.   Not to worried about catching fish tomorrow…just the Right fish’s.