What about the Stalkers KVD?

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Top water Video Kevin VanDam       

 Great Video where KVD talks about using a popper!

This video is such a great piece of info from one of the best.

 He let’s a few of his secretes out on how he throws a pop-r, of course it’s his brand.  I still prefer the original version Pop-R, silver with the black back, as being the backbone of the arsenal.  There are many other colors in my box, but  it’s the     #1 All time producer.  It is especially well liked by white bass, hybrids, and stripers so be careful and have a few back ups, just in case.

But one big thing I think KVD fails to mention in this video is to watch for stalkers!

Bass will follow a bait a lot of times and not commit on the bait.  These are the stalkers.  These fish can be seen with a Good pair of polarized glasses.  KVD has also said that the polarized sun glasses are one of the most important part of his tool box.  You will never see him fish with out a good pair of shades on his face.  This is so he can see those stalkers and the places they hide  under the water.  

Stalkers tell you a lot about what is going on with the fish.   If you are getting a lot of fish just following the bait but not committing, you need to make an adjustment, to either the color or the speed/cadence.  Take note of what the fish are foraging on.  Your like ” uh ok how do I know that? ”  That is the Million dollar question!  Some times its easy and they spit shad all over the deck when you catch one, some times it’s more difficult and you have to take note of the small things, like maybe you see a single small shad dieing on the surface off the point you pull up on.  Other times the season, water temps, and spawning of prey unlock the secretes.

If you see a bass stalking your lure STOP let that bait sit right where it is.  Wait 10 Seconds, then give it just the Slightest twitch.  A lot of times that will drive them crazy enough to blast it!

Custom Painted Pop R

May is a great time to start throwing those topwater baits, I almost always start throwing them in early may or about 60 degree surface water temp and almost always start with a Pop-r.

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