What’s the Alabama Rig

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The Alabama Rig

This has been the rage for the last few months and has won a lions share of the biggest tournaments on the FLW trail. All sorts of shapes and sizes of this combination are coming into play.  Saltwater guys will recognize this as a traditional umbrella rig that has been downsized for the black bass species. Guys have dressed this rig up with all kinds of jewelry and shiny stuff that spins and clacks, but at the core it remains the same.  Multiple baits create a small school of prey that appear to be wounded or 1 big easy meal!

Check State Laws! 

Each state is different in the laws that address the number of hooks attached to your line at one time. For example here in Kansas, it’s only 2 hooks per line, Missouri 3, and Arkansas is 5.  It’s the anglers responsibility to know the rules and follow the states laws! 

Gear Basics

  • Favorite swim bait rod or a 7’6″ med-heavy rod with a little give to the tip.
  • 80lb braided line
  • Fluke’s,grubs,and hollow belly swim baits rigged on 3/16 to 1/4 ounce jig heads

How and Where

The how and where are being determined all around the country.  This set-up was founded in the deep clear waters in Alabama and used to lure the fish staged on ledges deep below.  Guys now have transitioned to the shallow grass filled lakes and slaying their quarry in 5 ft of water.  Table Rock and their submerged trees are holding tons of fish that have never seen this contraption and being caught 2 or 3 at a time. Baits can be anything you have confidence in, swim baits to worms and jigs or maybe a few spinner baits thrown into the mix.
Where to Buy the Alabama Rig
I like to get a lot of my tackle from Bass Tackle Depot and they have a section of their website devoted to the A-rig.  They have several options to chose from, including with or with-out the ceramic head. Manufacturers are starting to cater to this trend, @optimumbaits has informed me they have created a 10pack of a best seller just for this technique.  If you are more interested in creating your own rig with the terminal tackle of your choice then I would point you to Barlow’s they have wire, snaps, swivels, baits and more to make yours unique!


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