Buzzbait conditions

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The conditions were perfect for a buzzbait bite — post-frontal with a nice chop on the water, just enough to break up the profile of my bait. It was a textbook presentation.  Jami Fralick

As I am doing my Tourney prep for this weekends derby, I am pondering this statement by Jami.  I want the bass to eat topwater baits but I am not sure the conditions will allow, but if it does....Wow!

Topwaters that appeal to smallmouth may not necessarily appeal to largemouth.  A buzzbait,  I think is one of those lures that appeals to both species and throw spotted bass in there too for that matter.

I prefer a single blade white or black War Eagle but that's me, I sometimes will tip it with a fluke or some other type of spinner bait trailer, but don't be afraid to run it with just the skirt and no trailer.  If you ask KVD he would have a trailer hook on it.

Gotta get back to prep.


When to:

  • low skies, low light, and a slightly cooler day than you've been having, the topwater bite turns on
  • fish are using shallow water cover, the buzzbait will flush them out.
  • drawing fish out of heavy cover in both stained and clear water
  • anywhere you can locate wood or vegetation
  • light winds to flat calm

Water Temperature Guide

  • mid- to high 40s and on the upswing
  • Any
  • until below about 50°F